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étel házhozszállítás debrecen

Giant (Ø40 cm) pancakes in Debrecen! Order it online, or visit us.

Streetfood pancake! for the first time in Debrecen


palacsinta debrecenPancakes are well known worldwide, and beloved by lots of people. Its popularity isn't just a coincidence.  It can be made with different fillings, therefore everybody finds the most suitable one. The most well-known version is the „crepes” invented by french.  The basic pastry can be made in different ways, thus the outcome will be a really special and unique dish.  Our pancakes originated from the genuine crepes with slight modifications to fit in the frame of hungarian cuisine.


édes és sós finom palacsinta debrecen
Our goal is to match the highest standards, so we use only high quality, fresh materials.  Our giant  pancake (which is 40cm in diameter) is made of fresh milk, eggs and fine grounded flour. In the pancake bar our guests can follow the process of making their food due to our open kitchen.  We don't use pre-prepaired materials so we ensure that your meal will be nice and fresh even if you get it by home delivery.

We offer large varieties of salty and sweet pancakes with different fillings. The most important thing that you need to arrive hungry!